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Reba B.
Verified Purchase

They have contacted me and helped me get all of my problems straightened out. Good response from them. I am now a happy camper.

Daniel M.
Verified Purchase

I received mine yesterday so I’m still learning the app, I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of this! Especially the blood pressure feature!!!

Shirla R.
Verified Purchase

I received mine yesterday! I love it. You will not be disappointed. I put my Fitbit in the drawer. The band was comfortable to less bulky. Thank you!!

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HJ8 Electronic Pulse Acupuncture Muscle Stimulation Therapy With 8 Electrode Pads

HJ8 Electronic Pulse Acupuncture Muscle Stimulation Therapy With 8 Electrode Pads

Add 1 Year Warranty for $12.95

Punch Chronic Muscle Pain Right In The Face!

Effectively treat pain and stiffness without drugs

The use of an electronic pulse massager is an effective and natural way to put chronic muscle pain in a sleeper hold! Drugs are not your only option for true pain relief.

If you suffer from any of the following muscle/joint ailments or would like to continue home therapies, this is a must-have life-changing device.

  • Muscle Re-education 
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Pressure Sore Prevention
  • Chronic Back Pain

Safe, and soothing electrical pulses are released via reusable* electrode pads gently stimulating the affected area helping to increase blood flow.

As it contracts, this drug-free alternative puts the body into a relaxed state of euphoria all the while recovering the damaged tissues with no side effects. 

Pain Relief - All natural pain relief therapy by stimulating the nerves and releasing natural pain relieving chemicals in the body.

Revitalize the damaged tissues -  Help repair the damaged tissues, by improving blood circulation and rejuvenate them with new energy.

No Side Effects - Unlike drugs and experimental treatments, this device does not cause any side effects on your body, if it is used as directed.

*Reusable pads will become less effective over time deepening on use and care. Please take note you will need to replace the pads to experience the best results.

Can be charger with USB cable or by 3*AAA batteries(not included)

A range of application: Stiff shoulder, end neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomachache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, weak sexual ability, irregular menstruation, various acute chronic disease

Package includes:

1* Digital Therapy Machine device

8* Electrode pads 

2*4 way electrode wire

1*Power Adapter (US ,EU,.AU, UK)

1* English user manual

1* USB charging cable


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