4D Neck Massager with Heat

$119.99 $59.99
4D Neck Massager with Heat
4D Neck Massager with Heat
4D Neck Massager with Heat
4D Neck Massager with Heat
4D Neck Massager with Heat
4D Neck Massager with Heat
4D Neck Massager with Heat

4D Neck Massager with Heat

$119.99 $59.99
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If you are one of the millions suffering from sore neck and shoulders from staring down at your phones for hours or the desk jockey sitting in from of a computer for days slaving away. Then you need this little helpful massage tool. Not only will you benefit from improved the blood circulation, but soothe and relax those tired neck and shoulders muscles and relieve aches thoroughly in the neck a shoulders.

360° Floating Design

Designed with the latest ergonomic science. The neck massage tool fits cervical spine seamlessly, hitting just the right spots known to be the most troublesome providing a top notch and efficient massage. 4 massage heads arranged with precise placement covering multiple segments of cervical spines. C-shape adjustable massage tool enables more personal use.

Latest in Technology

Built-in magnetic pulse plates go deep into muscle. Along with 38-42℃ hot compress function, it ensures deep and comprehensive massage. All with six massage modes Auto mode, pulse manipulation, hot compress manipulation, acupressure manipulation, knead manipulation, beating manipulation, this device offers various massage enjoyment according to your needs.


Wear it 24/7

I admired my husbands band and he talked me into ordering one of my own. I love that I can swim in it and wear it 24/7 without even knowing I’m wearing it!

Gay C.
Spot on With Values

Amazing once you get it paired works perfectly. Spot on with values pulse BP etc. Vibration strong enough to get your attention when text or call comes in. If you want it for sport mode that is not the best. Only has run walk home no choices like swim paddle etc. It is very waterproof salt and fresh. Battery lasts 4 days before charging again. Great buy overall.

Works Great it Has Everything

Works great and it has everything I was look for. I need to keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure and this does it well as well as track many other important vitals. Thank you!!

Donna M.