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Reba B.
Verified Purchase

They have contacted me and helped me get all of my problems straightened out. Good response from them. I am now a happy camper.

Daniel M.
Verified Purchase

I received mine yesterday so I’m still learning the app, I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of this! Especially the blood pressure feature!!!

Shirla R.
Verified Purchase

I received mine yesterday! I love it. You will not be disappointed. I put my Fitbit in the drawer. The band was comfortable to less bulky. Thank you!!

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4g Crankmaster FatBoy Bass Classic Lure 5 Piece Assorted Bundle Pack

4g Crankmaster FatBoy Bass Classic Lure 5 Piece Assorted Bundle Pack

Add 1 Year Warranty for $12.95

The Crankmaster FatBoy Bass Classic Lure is the victory every fisherman needs in their tackle box serious about landing the big ones. Winning more prize money doesn’t happen by accident it takes skill and quality equipment. The Crankmaster FatBoy Bass Classic is a fat-sided deep-running crankbait that will completely renovate your crankbait game. Strike deep into enemy territory and land the real trophy winners.  

Enticing curves lead to tight action, larger and longer bait lips add to more vibration and fish enticing exaggerated swimming lead to bigger fish and more frequent hits. The Fat Head Crank is responsive with an ease of retrieve never before seen in a Crankbait of its size and running depth.

Crankmaster FatBoy Bass Classic Luers feature the latest advances in color and reflectivity, realistic 3D eyes and in-line razor-sharp treble hooks. Tough and true craftsmanship, the Crankmaster FatBoy Bass Classic is a premier deep-diving crankbait on the market.

  • Shown to help tournament-placement
  • 5 of our best and most proven color patterns
  • Premier deep-diving crankbait
  • Compact and portable carrying case
  • Irresistible to all species of bass, walleyes, northern pike and more


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