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If you or someone you know has heart disease, then you most likely have heard that for a heart-healthy lifestyle, the patient should eat wisely, keep blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar on target as well as get regular physical activity. Not to mention ditch smoking. What you may not know is that getting enough, good-quality sleep, as well as stress control, also offers genuine benefits to your heart and overall well-being.




Sleep apnea and sleep deprivation are two sleep-related problems that plague many middle-aged and older people. Both of which are often linked to a higher risk of heart disease.

  • Sleep apnea which is a common cause of loud, disruptive snoring often means the affected person can temporarily stop breathing many times during the night. Studies have shown that some 83% of people with heart disease tend to have sleep apnea.
  • Sleep deprivation or inadequate sleep can increase the risk for chronic health problems such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides.

What then is a simple way to avoid the life-threatening situations that come from sleep deprivation and Sleep Apnea?

For starters, you want to monitor your sleep, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels with a high-tech activity tracker like the VM6 Elite. Unlike the more expensive Fitbit and Apple Watches, the VM6 Elite which is priced at $69.97 is the first and most affordable choice for tracking blood pressure and sleep patterns for over 30,000 Veteran Merchandise customers who use and attest to the benefits of this device. To see what people are saying about the VM6 Elite, click here to see verified customer reviews

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Tip: If you snore often and loudly and you find yourself getting tired during the day, you want to visit your doctor for sleep apnea evaluation.


Stress and Negative Thoughts

Health specialists often speculate that psychological factors are heartfelt – in the literal sense. This means things such as stress and negative thinking can contribute to an increased risk of heart problems -, particularly heart attack risk. This also holds true for anxiety, depression, anger, social isolation, and hostility. As standalone actors, each of these psychological factors can heighten a person’s chances of developing heart problems. But as humans, we often experience these issues together such that depression can lead to social isolation and psychological stress often leads to anxiety and so on.

Fortunately, there are healthier ways to respond to stress that should help your heart as well as improve your quality of life. With physical activities such as walking, jogging, and yoga or relaxation exercises, your overall wellbeing improves – especially when you track these activities with a high tech activity tracker like the VM6 Elite.

The data provided by the app would come in handy in your quest for a better life. One often overlooked activity that improves a person’s quality of life is staying connected with co-workers, friends and or family members.

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