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Reba B.
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They have contacted me and helped me get all of my problems straightened out. Good response from them. I am now a happy camper.

Daniel M.
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I received mine yesterday so I’m still learning the app, I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of this! Especially the blood pressure feature!!!

Shirla R.
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I received mine yesterday! I love it. You will not be disappointed. I put my Fitbit in the drawer. The band was comfortable to less bulky. Thank you!!

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3 Super Tips to Stay Safe while Exercising in the Summer Heat

Posted by Kelvin Adikwu on

3 Super Tips to Stay Safe while Exercising in the Summer Heat


If you're looking for an excuse not to exercise in the summer, here's one for you... "It's hot outside today, maybe tomorrow!"

But if you're looking forward to exercising in the summer’s soaring temperatures then here are 3 super tips to stay safe during your outdoor workouts.

Be Prepared.

While working out in the summer's heat increases the intensity of your workout, it also increases your perspiration and as such, the need for frequent hydration.

Start off by being honest about your fitness levels. Have you been working out as well as you should lately? If not, don't force it... start slow. Be sure to put your cardiovascular or health conditions into consideration as well as the potential impact of any medications you might be taking.

Have the right training outfit on for your sessions. For women, this light, performance wear right here would be just perfect as fewer clothes allow your body some ventilation. 

Because temperatures are often higher in the summer, pay extra attention to hydration. A great way to ensure you are hydrated would be to get this activity tracker. This tracker provides routine hydration reminders to help your summer heat workout. Increase your water intake for short workouts and for multiple weekly training sessions or longer workouts, you might want to add in electrolyte drinks or supplements.


Gradually Increase the Heat.

If you are not in an area where you can work freely outdoors, then an indoor studio providing heat workouts is always a good second choice. Unlike outdoor workouts where you only get what the sun gives, with an indoor studio, you can always turn up the heat to match your needs.

However, as you turn up the heat, do so gradually and be prepared to step the intensity of your workout back while your body adapts.

For outdoorsy people already working out in the summer heat, you can turn up the heat by timing your workouts for earlier hours in the day when weather conditions are slightly cooler and you can exercise away from in direct sunlight.  For this kind of exercising, it is okay if your performance is reduced initially. This is due to the already existing increased training impact of working out in the summer heat.

Scheduling your workout is important. 

Over time, you will have intense training days and seeing as heat training itself increases the intensity of your workouts, turning up the heat on intense training days pushes your body. Your heart rate and sweat rate would be a lot better


⚠️Warning ⚠️: Too Much Heat.

Working out in the heat often elevates the body temperature to near dangerous levels. Following the recommended tips for preparation above steps and slowly increasing how intense your workouts are will help you to avoid heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

A great way to also avoid getting to that point would be to respond to early indicators that your body has too much heat. Signs such as nausea, vertigo, muscle cramps, and feeling light-headed can be a pointer that you should take a break, drink some more water, and head for cooler temperatures.



And there you have it, 3 Super Tips to Stay Safe while exercising in the Summer Heat.

Whether you will be exercising in the summer heat or adding in a sauna and hot tub sessions following your workouts, safely stepping up your workouts as recommended in this blog will help you enjoy the benefits of exercising in the heat.

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