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Gay C.
Gay C.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I admired my husbands band and he talked me into ordering one of my own. I love that I can swim in it and wear it 24/7 without even knowing I’m wearing it!

Donna M.
Donna M.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Works great and it has everything I was look for. I need to keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure and this does it well as well as track many other important vitals. Thank you!!

Lisa G.
Lisa G.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Amazing once you get it paired works perfectly. Spot on with values pulse BP etc. Vibration strong enough to get your attention when text or call comes in. If you want it for sport mode that is not the best. Only has run walk home no choices like swim paddle etc. It is very waterproof salt and fresh. Battery lasts 4 days before charging again. Great buy overall.

5 Shocking Benefits Of Walking

Posted by Kelvin Adikwu on

5 Shocking Benefits Of Walking


Chances are that you already know that engaging in just about any physical activity improves your overall health. But what are the chances that you already know all 5 of these shocking benefits of walking!

If you learn something new from this 2-minute read, feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family. You could save a life!


And yes, we are saying this rather simple physical activity is perhaps the closest thing to a wonder drug - especially when done right!

Here are five shocking benefits of walking


Walking curbs the effects of obesity-promoting genes 

Researchers in Havard sampled 32 weight-promoting genes in over 10,000 study participants in a bid to understand how much these obesity-promoting genes actually contributed to a person's body weight. They discovered that compared to the participants who walked briskly for about an hour daily, the effects of obesity-promoting genes in participants who did not take a walk was twice as much as those who did.


Walking tames sugar cravings - yep! goodbye chocolates. 

Researchers from the University of Exeter found that walking for 15 minutes can curb your sugar cravings. That's goodbye to stuffing your mouth with chocolate - especially during stressful situations. According to this latest research, taking a walk reduces the craving for and intake of sugary snacks.


Walking reduces your chances of developing cancer. 

It should be common knowledge that engaging in any kind type of physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer. Studies conducted by the American Cancer Society found that women who walk for at least 7 hours weekly had 14% lower chances of developing breast cancer. On the other hand, women who walked 3 hours or less per week were at a higher risk. 


Walking alleviates joint pain. 

If you have arthritis or you know someone who does, then this would come in handy. Surprisingly, taking a walk, although it might hurt, actually does reduce arthritis-related pain. In fact, researchers found that walking five to six miles every week can even prevent the formation of arthritis in the first place. Occasionally taking walks protects the joints which are most susceptible to osteoarthritis — such as the hips and knees. Think of walking as a way to lubricate your joints and strengthen the muscles that support them.


Taking long walks boosts immune function. 

Walking helps protect your immune system during cold and flu season. A recent survey of over 1,000 women and men concluded that walking at least 20 minutes daily for at least 5 days weekly can mean you have 43% fewer sick days than people who exercised once weekly or less. And if you do get sick, it will be for a shorter duration, and your symptoms will be generally milder.

How often do you walk every week?

Do you feel better after a walk?

Did you learn something new?

Let us know in the comment section. The Veteran Merchandise family will be happy to answer your questions.

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