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Gay C.
Gay C.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I admired my husbands band and he talked me into ordering one of my own. I love that I can swim in it and wear it 24/7 without even knowing I’m wearing it!

Donna M.
Donna M.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Works great and it has everything I was look for. I need to keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure and this does it well as well as track many other important vitals. Thank you!!

Lisa G.
Lisa G.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Amazing once you get it paired works perfectly. Spot on with values pulse BP etc. Vibration strong enough to get your attention when text or call comes in. If you want it for sport mode that is not the best. Only has run walk home no choices like swim paddle etc. It is very waterproof salt and fresh. Battery lasts 4 days before charging again. Great buy overall.

4 Summer Fitness Walking Tips For Maximum Pleasure

Posted by Kelvin Adikwu on

4 Summer Fitness Walking Tips For Maximum Pleasure


For people looking to enjoy the benefits of fitness walking, the often nice weather and holiday vibe of the summertime is a real source of motivation.

As is almost customary with our summertime fitness needs, more and more people will begin to see the need to take walks... and why not?

The sun is out and you're not walking in knee-deep snow wrapped in the thickest clothes you have. What better time to go for the proverbial walk in the park!

Yet, as exciting as taking a walk in the summer is, the question to ask (which many do not) is, "Am I doing this right?"

As absurd as it may sound, one can "take a walk", the wrong way!

Now, because the summer period is a great time to restart this simple yet extremely beneficial physical activity, we've put together some important fitness walking tips to ensure you get the maximum pleasure of taking a walk!

Have fun reading... and if you learn something new, feel free to share new knowledge with a friend. You could save a life!



Experts advise avoiding walks between noon and 3 p.m when the sun is at its zenith. The popular misconception that more perspiration equals greater weight loss is sadly untrue!

When we perspire, our body evacuates water (not fat) in a bid to maintain its internal temperature. Excessive perspiration, especially in hot weathers, leaves you at the risk of becoming dehydrated.

For more reasons than a lower risk of dehydration, training in the morning or at the end of the afternoon with temperatures at their mildest is far more beneficial than "sweating it out!". So as not to disturb the sleep cycle, experts also advise against taking fitness walks late in the evening.



It's no surprise that exercising during the summer causes the body to lose more water than usual. The surprise, however, is how very little attention is given to the importance of staying hydrated. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should not wait until you feel thirsty, because once this sensation happens, it's a pointer that it's a little too late!

Be sure to drink small mouthfuls as often as possible while exercising. To make the task of remembering to drink water less demanding, you can use a fitness activity tracker like the VM6 Elite which vibrates when you need to hydrate.

Try adding 1 or 2 pinches of salt to your drink to make up for mineral losses caused by perspiration during your walk.



During the summer, temperatures are bound to rise and as such physical activities like fitness walking can become more difficult - especially for adults. It's best to start with a slow warm-up, getting your body used to the heat, instead of bursting into a brisk walk which can cause quick exhaustion during your exertion.

If you used to be an avid fan of fitness walking, then perhaps took a long break from exercising and are now looking to use the summer to get back into sporting activities, experts advise starting slow. Forget the miles you used to cover before you stopped. This, in fact, applies to everyone.

To get the best out of your fitness walking in the summer, you want to set a reasonable objective for yourself, so as not to lose your enthusiasm. A good way to do that would be to track your steps and calories burnt over time and slowly improve day by day.



Cramps, nausea, and headaches are signs your body is uncomfortable. 

Experiencing either of these while exercising in the summer can mean dehydration or in worse cases, heatstroke. When in doubt, get to shade and drink water.

Because it can get hot in the summer, it is imperative that you know your exercising limit and keep track of your heart rate, as it is the best indicator of our physical condition. It is advisable to work out with fitness activity trackers equipped with a heart rate monitoring technology. Paired with a smartphone, the best activity trackers give users a detailed fitness report.


Bonus Tip: The little things that matter!

While these are not exactly as health inclined as the tips mentioned above, this tip can be the "little thing" that helps you make the most of your fitness walking in summer. 

Bonus Tip #1: Dress for the occasion

If it is designed to keep you warm, then it's not for the summer. Your summer outfit should fit and yet still, have ample room to let air touch your skin. This can help reduce perspiration and keep you going for longer.

Bonus Tip #2: Get a pouch

For more reasons than one, having a portable durable pouch strapped to your arm while you take a walk this summer is a great idea!

They make up for the often lack of pockets in our ventilated summer outfits



And there you go! You're all set and ready to truly enjoy the benefits of taking a walk the right way this summer. Have a good one!

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