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Gay C.
Gay C.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I admired my husbands band and he talked me into ordering one of my own. I love that I can swim in it and wear it 24/7 without even knowing I’m wearing it!

Donna M.
Donna M.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Works great and it has everything I was look for. I need to keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure and this does it well as well as track many other important vitals. Thank you!!

Lisa G.
Lisa G.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Amazing once you get it paired works perfectly. Spot on with values pulse BP etc. Vibration strong enough to get your attention when text or call comes in. If you want it for sport mode that is not the best. Only has run walk home no choices like swim paddle etc. It is very waterproof salt and fresh. Battery lasts 4 days before charging again. Great buy overall.

4th of July Activities to Keep the Family Entertained All Day

Posted by Kelvin Adikwu on

4th of July Activities to Keep the Family Entertained All Day



What’s great about 4th of July celebrations? There’s never a dull moment!

Thanks to several local parades, all-American outdoor adventures like fireworks shows and barbecues, 4th of July often boasts the day with the most unforgettable memories with our families.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best 4th of July activities to keep everyone entertained all day. Let’s get started with Camping!


Go Backyard Camping

If you’ve followed our series, you’d know we are big on the outdoors – and that’s not changing any time soon. But if you can't engage the outdoors this year by visiting a real campsite, then backyard camping is a great way to bring the fun home!

When you throw family and or friends in the mix, then your backyard becomes the ultimate camping destination. There’s very little fun that beats watching nearby fireworks from sleeping bags or just spending some quality family time together in the great outdoors – even if it is right outside your door.

Tip: If you’ve got toddlers, a tent sleepover would definitely make their day.


Watch Patriotic Movies Outdoors

If the weatherman says “heck yeah to the outdoors” then watching patriotic movies outside while cozy seating on your lawn or with other families at a public viewing is a great way to combine the love of country with family fun time. 

If you've never been to an outdoor movie setting, then maybe you might want to recreate a private outdoor viewing for just you and your family for a start. This way you can bond privately and of course, if it rains, you can easily move the festivities, popcorn and all, into the family room. 

But if you're up for it, then this year's Independence Day could be the start of great things!



Whether it's on your lawn or outdoors, great patriotic movies like Yankee Doodle Dandy, The Patriot or Miracle make for a great independence day viewing!


Dine Al Fresco

Sometimes family is all you need to get the best out of 4th of July's. And this year, you could decide to switch 4th of July celebration to an immediate family fun day. Instead of picnics and or trips to the beach, you can fire up the good ole grill on your back patio or outdoor kitchen and keep the wine and dine exclusively to your family.

Prefer a bigger gathering for the 4th of July? Then...


Go for a Family Picnic

If you would rather bond with your family in the great outdoors this year - especially for families that have spent the previous years indoors, then maybe grabbing your picnic basket and visiting the nearest local park is a good idea.

A family picnic can be a great time to build stronger family ties and or even meet and connect with other families who share similar values.

While it is admirable that you’d love to find the perfect spot to share a perfect American family holiday, be sure that you don’t fixate on perfection as the be all and end all of your 4th of July family fun time. In the end, the greatest benefit of having a family picnic is the quality time that you are able to spend with your family.


Host a Barbecue

Oh say can you eat?

Go all out and invite friends, neighbors, and family over to dig into your mouth-watering barbecue. And hey, it’s 4th of July… what better time to get decked out in red, white, and blue, while whipping up some dishes your guests will love?

Just be sure to plan for enough food and drinks for everyone and then some!



There’s no shortage of fun ways to celebrate Independence Day so we've picked five of our favorites. Let us know in the comments section what you'd rather do this 4th of July.

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