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Father’s Day is indeed for every man who gives of himself with the heart and thoughts of a father’s love. You don't have to be family.

Know someone like that?

Don’t hesitate to send a fine, thoughtful gift to any man who has been a positive influence on you in your life this Father's Day.


For Someone Who is like a Father to You 

If you’re lucky, you have a godfather, an uncle or other caring men who have been an amazing combo of friend, mentor, family and/or father figure to you through the years. Our Ultralight Camo camper is a gift that says “You’re the kind of man everyone needs in their lives.”


Perfect as a father’s day gift and super relevant as the summer season nears, this is the gift you can’t go wrong with. Click here to learn more about out our Ultralight Camo Camper. Use code VETDAD for 20% OFF

For Your Husband or Partner 

Gratitude and respect are great messages to send in your gift for the man who loves you on Father’s Day. Whether you’re in a position to look back and laugh about life or you are both in the thick of carpools and diapers, he will cherish a gift that shows you have noticed and appreciated the good things he’s done as a dad.

A gift like our super cool and humorous Viking Skull Mug. Click here to learn more about our superior Viking Skull Mug. Use code VETDAD for 20% OFF


Something For Your Father 

What makes your dad the best? Well, he’s your dad, for starters, and that all by itself is pretty special.

That’s why the perfect gift for him would be the VM6 Elite. There is no better way to say “You’re the best, Dad. I love you!”  than with the gift of good health. The VM6 Elite is our best selling fitness tracker packed with features that help you track blood pressure, step counts, heart rate and more.


Click here to learn more about the VM6 Elite. Use code VETDAD for 20% OFF

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click here to see our best sellers or wait for PART 2 of our Father’s Day Gift Guide

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